Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Voter ID Bill Gets More Ridiculous

Do you know where your voter registration card is?

Haven't seen mine in years.

But now the bill being considered as a "compromise" voter ID law in the NC House would require both your voter registration card and "one of seven approved photo identifications."

But wait! There's a new hoop for a voter to jump through (according to AP reporter Gary D. Robertson) which will involve hardly any headaches for Board of Elections workers and certainly no slow lines at all on election day (and I'm not making this up!):
...two poll workers first would decide if the signature of the person presenting a voter registration card matches the signature used when the person registered to vote.

The original signature would be scanned and placed in the voter rolls at the precinct. The person would be allowed to cast a provisional ballot if one or both workers don't accept the signature as authentic and prove their identity with county elections officials to ensure it's counted.

Good to know that my right to vote freely and unencumbered will be entrusted to nothing more complicated that the eye-sight and lack of befuddlement of a poll worker given the power to divine if my signature on Election Day exactly matches my signature when I registered to vote in Watauga County 40-odd years ago.

Naw! No problems with this plan!


stop the fraud said...

My card is in my wallet so I can produce it when I go to vote, as is several forms of photo I.D.. Don't blame me for you being slack or fraudulent as the case may be.

Anonymous said...

I already told you all, just take your six-shooter with you to vote.

Anonymous said...

'Took the words outta my mouth.

I too have my card in my wallet.

Camelot said...

Nice stop the fraud. Is that what you are going to say to an elderly person who hasn't driven in years and has no use for a photo id and who probably registered some 50-60 years ago and would be lucky if they even gave out cards then. Records were kept so poorly how are we ever going to find their signature. Are you going to make them jump through hoops or are you going to say they probably have demintia and don't deserve to vote?

King Aurthur said...

Camelot, everyone that votes should certainly follow the same rules. The proposal is that all needed documentation will be provided to your hypothetical elderly couple at no charge.

Maybe you should listen to the news once in a while or maybe you just want to twist the facts. Neither changes the fact that if you vote, you need to be treated the same as everyone else that legally does it and that only those eligible to do so should be able to vote.

Anonymous said...

The whole effort is (1) based on fantasy fraud claims, (2) going to cost the state at least $4 million per year, and (3) is a slap in the face to seniors (among others). It's a return to poll tax and Jim Crow days, and is completely irresponsible government.

I have been voting for almost 45 years and I do not have my voter registration card. I think it was in my wallet some 20 years ago when it was stolen along with other contents.

What happened to creating jobs?

you are caught said...

Then you were derelict in your responsibility to get your card replaced, Anonymous. You can easily remedy this with a quick trip to the Registrar's office. If it is to difficult for you to do this, then you are probably voting somewhere you should not or trying to hide for some other reaon, and it would be to difficult for you to vote legally.

Rebecca Gomez Farrell said...

Is there any proof whatsoever of attempted voter fraud in NC? This law sounds like a complete waste of time and money.

Unknown said...

What was the tiny fraction of alleged voter fraud? And these idiots want to piss away millions of $ to fix something that ain't broke. Who elected these monkeys?