Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ideology, Meet Humanity

We need a new Constitutional amendment in North Carolina: Marriage should not be between a man and his political ego, nor between a man and his ideology.

The new Republican majority in the NC General Assembly intend to deliver mass pink slips to hundreds of teachers and other public workers, cripple public education, gut childhood development programs, abandon mental health programs, lift anti-pollution requirements and starve to death other life-line services because they mistake their rigid ideology for the "public good."

Chris Fitzsimon summed it up today:
...At a recent meeting in Charlotte, parents told a group of Republican legislators that they would be willing to pay higher taxes to save teachers’ jobs and protect their children’s schools.

Republican Rep. Bill Brawley told them that was impossible because Republicans ran for office on a no tax increase pledge. They have also said that the pledge means they will not extend the temporary tax increases passed in 2009 to protect schools and services for the most vulnerable people in the state.

That’s what most likely behind much of the [recent polling] decline in Republican legislators’ approval numbers, that voters perceive they are more interested in keeping an absurd political pledge than keeping teachers in classrooms and preschool programs helping at risk kids....


Brushfire said...

There is a difference between spending and investing. Careless spending on stuff that blows up once and then is useless, like fireworks (or bombs) is what bankrupts a family (or a country). Investing in infrastructure, or education is what creates a solid foundation for growth and prosperity. Even Jesus had a parable about the servant who buried his master's money rather than investing it.

just wondering said...

What did the taxpayers who were not parents have to say? How about those that want to use vouchers or send their kids to private schools?

Anonymous said...

BUT TEH GAYS! TEH GAYS! They are the cause of all the problems!

Unknown said...

The dumbest and most ignorant are against education? Why am I not surprised. The good news is, once the Pubes destroy the educational system and weaken child labor laws, they can put the little buggers to work.