Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet Madam Foxx's Next Primary Challenger

That's evidently Richard V. Carter Jr. At least, that's the picture he posted of himself on his personal blog, An American Perspective, back in 2009. That was the first of precisely three total posts, the last being in October 2009.

But he's getting active again, and in an announcement on NC Conservative, he sez he's getting ready to maybe challenge Virginia Foxx in a primary in 2012. Here's his announcement in toto:

My name is Richard Carter and I am very proud and excited about this announcement. Many already know I am considering running to be the 2012 Republican candidate for North Carolina's 5th district seat in the United States House of Representatives. With this announcement I make official the exploration of my candidacy for the 5th district seat currently held by Representative Virginia Foxx.

The Republican primary to determine who citizens of the 5th district will send to Washington to represent them in the 113th Congress of the United States of America is one year away. As we get closer to the primary I would like to introduce myself via occasional personal emails and, very soon, a weekly newsletter. If you would like to learn more about who I am, what I believe in, and how I would serve you as your elected Representative in Washington, please let me know by sending me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I will add your email address to my communications list so that you will begin receiving these occasional communications from me. Please know that your privacy is very important to me so I alone will be using your email address.

Please note that should my candidacy become official I will update everyone with my candidate website. Until that time, I will be responding personally so if it takes me a day or two getting back to you, please let me apologize in advance for the delay. And if you know someone you want to include in the loop please feel free to share my email address with them. I greatly anticipate introducing myself to you all and earning your trust, and possibly your vote, as we move towards the 2012 election.

God Bless,
Richard V Carter Jr
US House 2012

I am currently working on my first newsletter. I have some suggestions from those I have already spoken with about what they would like me to do in Washington. If any of you feel inclined to write me, please let me know what you would want from me in Washington. I am interested in any ideas, suggestions, or requests as these will establish what I will do if elected.

Yessir! Sometimes politics is just so wonderfully ... random.


Anonymous said...

Damn. I'm liking what I see!

Henery said...

LOL! Describes himself as "A Christian conservative Republican." The Church of Jesus of the Oiled Bicep!

FoxxFann said...

LOL....He has about as much chance as Billy Kennedy did!

Anonymous said...

He's certainly easier on the eyes than that bat Foxx.

NewGuy said...

Virginia Foxx has made enough North Carolin residents mad by not representing traditional conservative values that it might be easier than you think for someone to challenge her. The Blowing Rock Land Trade, her inaction on illegal aliens in the, as well as many other things she refuses to address has caused voters to wake up. Carter might have the same tired ole ideas that Foxx has, but he is a fresh face which might give him more of a chance than you think.

NewGuy said...

"NewGuy" is, once again, posting with MY ID in an apparent attempt to cause confusion.

Ms Foxx has my vote. Just as she has the majority of voters in her district.

Thanks Virginia Foxx, for representing those of us that voted for you.

"NewGuy", Why don't you just get your own ID so that we can correctly attribute your posts to you? What possible reason can you have for using other peoples ID's?

FoxxFann said...


Since being 'easy on the eyes' is apparently important to you, should we assume you will be campaigning for Sarah Palin in 2012?

Richard Carter said...

Wow. Imagine my surprise to see my front double-bicep pose as the chosen picture by J.W. Williamson to show his readers who announced their “potential” candidacy against Representative Virginia Foxx in 2012. While this shot may have slightly impressed Anonymous, truthfully, I was disappointed in the lack of definition in my legs. My guess was too many ice-chips the night before the show. (Though, I may take another shot in April of next year.)

This is the Richard Carter mentioned by Mr. Williamson. I agree with him that my posts were “random” at the American Perspective blog. That political outlet did not reveal itself to be useful so I left the information up for future reference by potential voters and have not visited much since. The information there still applies. I am a Christian, conservative Republican. I am also an honest man who fully comprehends, and can provide, meaningful leadership. And I may not give you the response that you want, but will always give the truth.

I am very close to deciding whether I will run against Representative Foxx in the 2012 Republican primary. As I state on “”, if Representative Foxx votes yes to increase the debt ceiling her action will almost insure my candidacy against her. Until then I am slowly introducing myself to the citizens of the 5th district. You can read much of my material at the “” website. And unlike Representative Foxx who pushes her constituents off on her staff, you can email me directly. I may take a day or two to reply, but reply I will. And I will do so personally.

With that, I would like to respond to some of the comments that are here as of today. To Henry, I go to a Baptist church in Clemmons, actually. And I give all thanks to the Good Lord above for everything I’ve achieved, including my biceps. But I work hard for those. It takes dedication, personal responsibility, and self motivation… the same fundamental characteristics I will bring with me to Washington. To NewGuy #1, a complaint you have is my chief complaint… Virginia Foxx does not deliver. Example, she says she is for smaller government yet not once in 8 years has she even introduced a bill to reduce the size of the federal government. This tells me that she won’t introduce bills that matter, and cannot get one signed by a President into law if she did. (Note here that while she can’t write bills to shrink the government, she will introduce resolutions honoring Turkey. Go figure.) To NewGuy #2, if you are satisfied with Representative Foxx please continue to vote for her. I happen to believe there are more citizens that will vote for me if given the chance. If I run, I hope you will at least compare us. And finally to FoxxFan, Billy Kennedy didn’t stand a chance, I agree completely. However I am a conservative Republican alternative for a historically conservative Republican district. My work in office will begin with working to eliminate current taxation and replace it with a simple tax structure (I will not compromise on reducing the corporate tax rate to at or below 20% and eliminating the death tax completely), eliminate Congressional benefits once out of office, and eliminate 31 (and counting) programs and agencies and departments. I will work circles around the weak Congressional legislation record of Representative Virginia Foxx.

I do not have the same old tired ideas as Representative Foxx. I am no establishment Republican and she knows it. If I run and am elected, Congress will tremble. I only ask that you please keep me in mind as the 2012 candidates appear.