Tuesday, March 15, 2011



1. The explanation about sales tax referenda by county commissioners Nathan Miller and Vince Gable, when speaking before the Republican County Convention on Saturday, appear to be what is generally called “distancing themselves” from their own vote on a resolution to hold the sales tax referendum. We’re only talking options here, people! It’s not as though we’re actually going to exercise that option! Which was why, obviously, they took the better part of an hour on March 1 trying to convince lone hold-out commissioner Tim Futrelle to vote with them.

2. At both the Watauga and Ashe Republican county conventions, NC House member Jonathan Jordan reasserted that his Number One priority is “job creation.” (He and fellow Republicans are just taking the scenic route.)

3. Open to interpretation: State Senator Dan Soucek said at the Watauga Republican Convention, “We have to force people to take care of each other.” One poor person can be made to take care of the next one?

4. After listening to once & future candidate for NC Gov. Pat McCrory, one participant at the Watauga Republican Convention, said, “It remains to be seen whether North Carolina will want a sarcastic smart-ass in the governor’s office.”

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