Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Does Foxx Fear the Gay?

If it's all about useless lint-picking -- or grandstanding for the bigots -- you can expect Congresswoman Virginia Foxx to be at the head of the buffet line.

There was some puzzlement at the Republican County Convention last Saturday when Foxx told the GOP faithful that she had signed on with 81 other House Republicans to force President Obama to uphold the no-gay-marriage ban represented by the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Like they could hire a lawyer and do that!

'Course, the faithful at the Republican Convention all nodded their heads vigorously at the thought that more pesticide might be dumped on The Gay.

Meanwhile, this issue is not playing well for the national GOP. And perhaps even the fearful Foxx-fanns in the 5th District of N.C. might eventually discover that bashing gay people really has absolutely nothing to do with creating jobs or improving the economy.


SMWTWataugaCountyResident said...

Very well stated. Who really cares who is gay and who isn't. Does that actually change who that person is?? NO!! Leave 'em alone, find something better to debate -- and actually fix something. Do something your actually being paid to do instead of making up things to do that make no sense and have nothing to do with anything..

amjp said...

There is a question that has bothered me for some time. I secretly look forward to asking it at some gathering of anti-Gay marriage folks. To wit: What has the privste practice of other people have to do with your own marriage? In other words, how is it threatened? I'm pretty sure, without seeing a survery, that more than 50% of those who holler about this and related issues have been divorced at least once and may, indeed, have unmarried children with children. Now I'm not opposed to divorce outright, but isn't it a bigger threat to marriage than someone else's life?

amjp said...

Sorry for the typos above: "private" - not "privste," and "survey," not "survery." I'm tired.

SMWTWataugaCountyResident said...

I agree amjp, not one of these proclaimed 'christians' can say there is no 'sin' in their lives -- I am all for letting each person choose how they want to live. If your gay or straight it shouldn't matter to anyone people need to find something better to rant about than gays -- get over it already

Brushfire said...

It would seem like very wise public policy to encourage gay couples to create stable monogamous bonds. I never could understand the objections.

retired educator said...

It's my understanding that one of the greatest dangers to "traditional marriage" is adultery. I believe the existence of "Gay marriage" has virtually nothing to with the break ups within traditional marriage. Maybe we could get the Madam to discuss this sometime.

amjp said...

Yes, indeed, retired educator. Why don't you ask Madam Foxx herself about that?

Anonymous said...

I have to say that it really doesn't matter why anyone is opposing this.

The fact is, the demographics are against them. Young people are overwhelmingly in favor of equal rights for gays.

The opposition is getting smaller every year.

This is not to say that proponents of changing should wait. Only that the end result is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

People, I will be honest with you.

I cannot accept homosexual relationships as normal. Period.

I don not care what you and others may say, but in my book, it is not normal, and it is not good for any society.

Brushfire said...

Anonymous said - So what if gay marriage bothers you? Many people cannot accept interracial marriage, or interfaith marriage. That's their problem.
Exactly how does gay marriage hurt society? Is it worse than gay men and women pretending to be hetero and marrying someone deceitfully? Is it good for the partner to realize he or she was just a cover? Is it good for gay men and women to live and die alone, with no one to care for, and no support in sickness or other hard times? Should they all just go and kill themselves, even the kind, hardworking, compassionate, gifted ones?
Please explain how it hurts society.

RV said...

Brushfire, I so agree with you about gay people marrying heterosexually because they are forced by society to hide who they really are. The pain this inevitably causes to their spouse and children and to themselves is the cruel side effect of trying to be someone you are not. It cannot be healthy for children to grow up in a family that is founded on deceit.

I can't see how allowing gay people to live openly in a committed relationship with the people they love is going to hurt anyone else. Anonymous, please explain to me how this would hurt you because I want to understand. It is not enough to just say that you don't "approve" because this disapproval is ruining the lives of millions of people, that is the five to ten percent of humanity who are homosexuals.

Liberal POV said...


"I cannot accept homosexual relationships as normal."

Nothing says you will have to enter into a homosexual relationship. You will still be free to continue your heterosexual lifestyle.

This is another example of conservatives opposing the practice of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Brushfire, you are entitled to your opinion.

And I am entitled to mine.

You mention being alone. Many people, like myself, a widow, are alone, which I prefer, and we face that possibility. I am not complaining. That is a risk I accept. That is life.

brotherdoc said...

Anonymous (f), it is clear no amount of discussion, reasoning, or effort at persuasion is going to change your mind on the issue of gay marriage. One of the disappointing things about debate on this issue is that rational argument cuts no ice with your sort of people. However, there are many who have changed to more positive view on this issue-- possibly, even likely, a majority of Americans are now willing to accept it. It would be helpful, and democratic (with a small d) of you if you were willing to take the view we classically call "tolerant." That is, you might not practice it, favor it, or even counsel it for your own neighbor or kin, but you could agree to let it happen for the sake of others' happiness. I wonder, is that still too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

We have too much "tolerance" already. I fully support DOMA!

Liberal POV said...


" I fully support DOMA!"

Why?? Who benefits by it and who's harmed?

I've been married for over 45 years DOMA does nothing, but be mean spirited and unjust.

The real joke is for people like Newt or Rush Limbaugh to speak about Defense of Marriage Act.

Tell how you think someone like Rush knows about DOMA?

bettywhite said...

Wow, Anonymous. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but can't you see the point that others are making? If gay people are allowed to get married, it will have NO effect on your life. I'm sure there are other things that you don't approve of, but you're not trying to make them illegal, are you? Do you think atheists should be allowed to marry? How about a black man and a white woman? How about two Muslims?

Brushfire said...

Too much tolerance? Of course! We need more repression, oppression, and injustice! All this kindness and getting along with each other is just too darn dangerous.