Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Take Note, Soft Hearts: Surry County Don't Like Wokeness


Surry Commissioner
Eddie Harris
Surry County Commissioner Eddie Harris browbeat his fellow commissioners (all Republican) into banning Coke machines from county buildings because the Coke Corp. of Atlanta criticized new restrictive Georgia voting laws. Commissioner Harris said Coke was "woke," and that's purely unacceptable in the Trumpist universe. But even with five Republican commissioners, Harris could only get two votes on the commission, with one commissioner trying to abstain, which under the rules became a "yes" vote, so the measure passed 3-2.

Time out for a definition: My on-line dictionary defines "woke" as "alert to injustice in society, especially racism." To be proudly "unwoke" (and a public official to boot) -- that is, callous to injustice in society -- hardly seems the hill anyone would willingly die on, even a county commissioner from Surry with a prissy little mouth. Being a privileged white male is damn hard to get over.

Meanwhile, all those Surry County secretaries and assistants are going to be displeased when they find their favorite watering holes removed from the building.

Commissioner Harris told the Mt Airy News that he hopes his slap at Coke will start a grassroots movement across unwoke rural counties:

“I intend to send this to county boards all across the state,” Harris said of the letter. “And we hope this starts a grassroots movement.”

The commissioner states in his message to the Coca-Cola CEO that the Georgia voting measure is designed to protect “the most sacred right that we have in our Republic,” casting ballots.

“Millions of Americans believe that the last presidential election was not held in a fair manner and that more voter fraud will occur in the future if elections are not more closely monitored and regulated,” Harris wrote Quincey.

We're woke enough to know what Harris means: Too many of the "wrong people" voted last year. Republicans are duty-bound to do something about that, down to banning Coke machines from Surry County buildings. 


Anonymous said...

You're right about the prissy mouth. Must get that from drinking Pepsi.

Unknown said...

For years now, the nonsense coming from the all-Republican Surry County Board of Commissioners has been relentless. According to board members, Democrats are coming to take everyone's guns. Democrats are allowing non-citizens to vote and are promoting every sort of voter fraud. Democrats want to erase the county's illustrious Confederate heritage. The commissioners seem to be oblivious to ironic twists that often follow unreasonable statements. History is not and will not be oblivious to irony. As a tragic example, the board drafted and passed a "proclamation" on April 29, 2020, that requested Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper to allow businesses in Surry County to reopen. "WHEREAS, Surry County, like many rural counties in North Carolina, has a low number of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases and has not experienced the same effect from the pandemic that has transpired in the State's urban counties....[,and] it is achievable for our residents to practice social distancing to prevent further community transmission more so than urban counties...." Well, shortly thereafter, the virus proclaimed itself "woke" and has yet to go to sleep in Surry County. Commissioner Mark Marion of Dobson enthusiastically supported the proclamation in April 2020, since Surry County's rural status made it immune to urban pestilence. Commissioner Mark Marion's brother and next-door-neighbor, Norman Marion, died of COVID pneumonia on February 17, 2021.