Sunday, June 06, 2021

It's Wrong To Make Fun of People's Appearance


Last night in Greenville, NC:

Some commentary alleges he's got his pants on backwards.

Others are remembering the gone-girl, Hope Hicks, who used to carry a portable steamer for pressing Trump's clothes while he wore them. No, really. "Actually the most important member of Trump's team," tweeted Dan Moynihan.

Randy Rainbow: "Loving this vintage mermaid skirt by Halston"


scharrison said...

That is unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Watauga Watch - trying to get the word out about a new conservative blog, since the old one was stolen and appears dead, and the first attempt to start a new one was deleted. Thank you for your assistance in advance and best wishes!

Anonymous said...

All that victimhood (stolen, dead, deleted) in 2 sentences about a new conservative blog site??? Sounds like the Meat Camp neocons trying to rise again...waaaaaaah. Good luck with reality and best wishes too!