Monday, June 28, 2021

Democrats: Beware of Ron DeSantis


Jeffrey Billman has done a comprehensive assessment of Florida Gov. Ron DeDSantis and his race to become the Trumpiest Republican governor and a leading contender to become the Republican nominee for president in 2024. Because DeSantis is several clicks smarter than Trump, he's also a leading contender to actually accomplish the authoritarian overthrow of democratic norms that Trump botched.

Some of Billman's list of DeSantis accomplishments:

On June 22, DeSantis signed a bill requiring public colleges and universities to survey students and faculty about their beliefs and viewpoints. The Orwellian-ness of the state collecting a database of its employees’ and students’ political positions aside, the authoritarian kicker is what DeSantis plans to do with the results: defund education if he thinks universities are “intellectually repressive”—i.e., too liberal—which he will. The results will also provide a weapon for the unsubtle threat DeSantis is sending to academics: Piss me off, and you’ll pay.

In April, DeSantis signed a bill that all but bans protesting: three or more people engaged in “tumultuous activity” is a riot; blocking roadways or vandalizing monuments is a felony; arrested protesters must spend the night in jail. (Also, DeSantis gets veto power over local police-funding decisions.)

Florida cracked down on absentee votingDeSantis allowed only Fox News to witness the bill-signing....


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