Monday, June 21, 2021

A Democratic Candidate for Governor of Arkansas Next Year


The wonderful thing about the off-years for a life in politics is the arrival of new faces, new voices, announcing their candidacies for public office. I've become a student of announcement videos, and the one done by Dr. Chris Jones, who's running for governor of Arkansas (against Sarah Huckabee Sanders, bless her heart), makes me dream about what might be.

But in Arkansas? We don't think of Arkansas as a forward-looking place with an ability to take a leap for someone as accomplished as Dr. Jones -- and we doubt it could happen in 2022 -- but as we know, anything is possible in politics, given the right folding of time (a wink at Dr. Jones's training in physics), and given that the Republican candidate for the same office made a complete tool of herself for Trump.

From all available intel, Arkansas likes tools for Trump.

(Incidentally, I was alerted to the Jones announcement video by conservative columnist Mona Charen, who said it is the best she's ever seen.)

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