Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Election Isn't Won Until This Woman Says It's Won


Emily Murphy, head of the
General Services Administration

Ascertainment. It means discovery. Emily Murphy must issue a "letter of ascertainment" about the election of Joe Biden (elected by the same "landslide" of 306 electoral votes that elected Trump in 2016) before the transition of presidential power can begin.

Emily Murphy, more afraid of Trump and the threat of purge than she is afraid of the judgment of history, hasn't been able to discover that Biden has been elected.

It's however been discovered that she's actively looking for another job that might ideally start in, say, late January 2021.

She's a Trump peach. Until she releases her okay, Biden's team is barred from moving into government offices, "including secure facilities where they can discuss classified information. The teams cannot meet with their counterparts in agencies or begin background checks of top cabinet nominees that require top-secret access" (Michael D. Shear, Maggie Haberman, and Michael Crowley). She's a one-woman blood clot.

Like everything else about Twitterman's administration, this refusal to act is not just unprecedented. It's toxic. 

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USMCwalker said...

Serious thoughts and prayers for this person’s conversion.