Friday, May 22, 2020

Town of Boone Opts for Tighter COVID-19 Restrictions

Last night in its teleconference meeting, the Boone Town Council passed restrictions that are more stringent than the governor's Phase 2 guidelines, which the governor's original executive order expressly allows local governments to do.

These restrictions are to remain in effect until at least June 16 (language borrowed from the reporting of Anna Oakes):
Anyone (except work commuters) arriving in the town of Boone who previously overnighted outside Watauga County will not be permitted to enter establishments open to the public, other than medical facilities, until they have stayed overnight in Watauga County uninterrupted for at least 14 days -- unless current testing confirms the person is not COVID-19 positive. “Establishments open to the public” does not apply to state or county government facilities.
Social distancing is required in all establishments open to the public, in all places of employment and in all public areas except at businesses where distancing is not possible, and except for members of the same household.
Employees working for establishments open to the public are required to wear masks — except for employees with a medical or behavioral condition or safety concern — and to disinfect hands after each interaction.
To the extent possible, hand sanitizer or disinfectant shall be offered to customers as they enter and leave premises.
In retail businesses that can accommodate it, aisles must be designated as one-way.
Restaurants may use only disposable menus or menus that are disinfected in between each use.
Employees of public establishments must be subject to a daily screening process before the employee begins work, to check for COVID-19 symptoms, and employees should not be permitted to work if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are presumed positive due to symptoms until they meet CDC criteria for release from isolation.

Under these restrictions, customers at commercial establishments are not mandated to wear masks, but the Town Council seemed willing to take that step next.

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