Sunday, May 24, 2020

NC Has Its Highest Ever One-Day Increase in COVID-19 Infections, But North Carolinians Gamble on Magic Thinking

1,107 new cases yesterday. Testing also shot up to 26,385 new screenings. Yes, they're related numbers. But one doesn't excuse the other.

And what are North Carolinians doing? They're gambling, wildly and without qualm. John Robinson describes some of the action: "4,000 people go to the racetrack – one in 10 wearing masks — with social distancing non-existent. It’s as if people have decided that being tired of the virus is enough to defeat it. 'I’ve done the recommendations for the last two months or so, and this is the first time I’ve kind of been out amongst folks. … I don’t know if this is the smartest thing. I don’t. But it’s outdoors, and I’m just not keen on closed-in spaces right now.' The Winston-Salem Journal has a dozen photos that will really depress the people who believe that the virus exists."

Buncombe County is now requiring face coverings for all visitors to any indoor facility. Who will sue to overturn that? Will Nathan Miller represent them?


Red Hornet said...

It's like standing on the railroad track with the whistle blowing and the steel rumbling and refusing to move. It's a single track because almost anyone can get it so there is no doubt of danger. Maybe some stubborn people think they can dive over into the ballast gravel at the last moment, or lie flat on the ties. The true believers are holding hands with their families and friends so tight innocent lambs can't wiggle loose.

Can't sing in church, have to whistle past the graveyard, or if you can't whistle hum under your breath:

There shall be showers of virus,
This is the promise of Covid.
O how it frustrates and tires us,
We just might lose our beloved.

Showers appalling,
Showers of virus we fear.
Mercy-drops round us are falling,
Let not the spreaders come near.
(from a hymn by Daniel Whittle 1883, public domain)

And they're installing a plexiglas shield, for the preaching.
And the Reverend suggests,"make it Lexan," because he expects some shooting later on, during the second wave.

All the Nazi and racist symbolism, all the guns in the world, nor the Crazy Leader can stop this rocketing train. I suspect many on the tracks dread the possible return of their former miserable lifestyles and are suicidal anyways.

Camelot said...

Please go read the article. This has no teeth. It does absolutely nothing to require a mask you can't call police you can't call anyone because there is not penalty to stop someone. There are also a slew of exceptions. The only place its really required is shops.