Sunday, May 03, 2020

The Founder of ReopenNC Is From Morganton, Not Boone

Guest Blogging: Boone Nonnymouse

Special to WataugaWatch:

I keep seeing reports that Ashley Smith of ReopenNC is identifying herself as a small business owner in Boone. Does anyone in Boone actually know her? Boone is still a small town, and you’d think somebody would know her.

I’ve Googled extensively. There’s an Ashley Smith who is involved in management at Greystone Eye, but they actually issued a statement and posted it on their website stating the Smith involved with ReopenNC is not the same.

There’s an Ashley Smith who is an Allen Tate Insurance Agent. She’s affiliated with the Blowing Rock offices of Allen Tate, but she is in Charlotte. Also photo doesn’t match mug shot of the Smith arrested in Raleigh last Tuesday (see above).

And then there’s the Facebook page for the Smith of  ReopenNC. No likes, friends, or photographs of anyone related to Boone or the High Country. Here it is:

I guess a copy of the police report of her arrest by Capitol Police would have her information, including address, employer, etc.

This is she in Morganton yesterday:

This story says Morganton is her hometown. She says she and her husband run a business called Blue Ridge Merchants, a credit card processor. No mention of Boone at all.

And this is the business’s website. Nothing about Boone here either.

So wherefore did it get started that Ashley Smith of ReopenNC was from Boone?


Red Hornet said...

News media is often lazy and unprofessional on these sensationalized stories.
In Gastonia 10 unidentified protestors were termed "the re-open movement".
This in a county of 225thousand. This old Smith gal seems just a right wing attention seeker. If she is a credit card processor her operations would be electronic/digital with minimal face to face contact. Well, at least they didn't locate this Trumpservative in Boone, SC.

Anonymous said...

If you're seeing it multiple reports, the info probably came from Ashley herself.

It may be part of her overall MO to obscure who she really is, making it harder to trace if her (and/or her husband) are getting outside funding to pursue this.

Red Hornet said...

Anonymous is right to expect Neo-Fascist oligarch underwriting. That class of crooks who offered Smedley Butler Furhership once they offed FDR has always been a prominent cabal undermining the possibility of US democracy, somewhat because the dominance of concentrated private property is enshrined in our law code and Constitution. Now exorbitant wealth concentration allows a few cloud dwellers to control media and even education.
If we don't overthrow this Capitalist nightmare it's goodbye civilization. We are not far from mercenaries firing live rounds from state senate galleries. I am sincere when I assert this situation and am experienced enough to know. Trump doesn't hesitate to send millions to their death and/or financial enslavement. He might start a war or fake a terrorist incident any day if he feels like he's losing. Trumpservatives are traitors and criminals. Some of my colleagues share my assessment but are afraid to express it.