Friday, May 22, 2020

Sarah Cooper Has Cracked the Code on How to Satirize Trump

Interesting article in the WashPost on the growing agility of women comics who have zeroed in on Trump's ridiculous verbal vomit by merely miming his words.

One of the most accomplished is Sarah Cooper, a 35-year-old black woman who wears her own street clothes and films herself in her Brooklyn apartment. "The effectiveness of her videos comes from the vast chasm between her identity and Donald Trump’s. 'I’m trying to present the words as me, Sarah Cooper, as earnestly as possible .... He is an older, rich white guy, in a suit, at a podium, with a presidential seal, and people standing behind him, nodding. All of these things mess with your head and make you think that what he says must make sense. I’m taking that setting away and putting those words into the mouth of someone who is much more low status and low power.' Stripped of the suit, the podium and the seal, she says, 'you focus more on the words. And focus just on how ridiculous those words are.' ”

It's brilliant. She's brilliant. And she's not alone in cracking Trump's shell.

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