Monday, April 20, 2020

Who Is Piers Morgan and What Did He Say About Trump?

Piers Morgan, I gather, is a kind of media celebrity, especially in Great Britain, where he has a regular TV show aggressively interviewing government officials and others, but he used to have a show on CNN, and -- more saliently for what he said about Trump -- he won the 7th season of Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice," was a constant cheerleader for Trump during the 2016 campaign, got the first international interview with Trump after the election, and he's one of only 47 people that Trump follows on Twitter.

So ... ouch:

Knowing that Trump followed his Twitter feed, Piers Morgan then poured the selfsame gall out into social media, attaching the CNN segment to the following tweet, evidently and pointedly for Trump's edification:
“Mr President @realDonaldTrump, you won’t want to watch this, but I hope you do,” Morgan wrote. “Please drop your angry, petty, disingenuous, blame-gaming, self-aggrandising daily briefing antics & start being a proper wartime president.”
This was just yesterday, the same day that Trump, at his daily I'm-So-Great-and-Take-No-Responsibility press briefing, turned the boilers up on his "angry, petty, disingenuous, blame-gaming, self-aggrandising" antics, which included verbally lashing a female CBS reporter for asking why he spent all of February downplaying the virus instead of preparing the country for a devastating pandemic.

It's amazing to me that Trump even has friends. It's not amazing to me that he doesn't listen to them. He's incapable of changing, of growing, of rising above himself, of even expressing an ounce of sympathy or understanding for the people who are dying of the virus he refused to take seriously until it was too late.

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Red Hornet said...

TOO LATE: April 20- several international newspapers reported this morning that US intelligence agencies warned Israel about Covid19 potential epidemic as early as Sept. 2019, so I'm assuming the White House got word then too, unless Israel now has dibs. RedHornet