Wednesday, April 08, 2020

The Body Count -- Inspector General Glenn Fine

Glenn Fine
Photo by Michael Williamson/WashPost

A Reoccurring Feature on Who's Jumping Being Pushed Off Luxury Liner Trump

Trump has removed Glenn Fine, who had been the acting Pentagon inspector general, from the chairmanship of the federal panel Congress created to oversee the Trump administration’s management of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package — "the latest action by the president to undermine the system of independent oversight of the executive established after Watergate" (Ellen Nakashima).

"In just the past four days, Trump has ousted two inspectors general and expressed displeasure with a third, a pattern that critics say is a direct assault on one of the pillars of good governance" (Nakashima).

Late last month, Fine was selected by the head of a council of inspectors general to lead the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, created by the March 27 law.

About Fine, Matthew Miller, a former Department of Justice official, tweeted, "I know him and can tell you he was a total pain in our rear end as DOJ IG [Department of Justice Inspector General], which is exactly what you want from an IG and exactly why Trump has fired him. He’s tough, rigorous, and fair."

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