Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Got My Gushy Campaign Letter from Trump Yesterday. Did You Get Yours?

Everything is "great." Especially our "greatness." "America will triumph yet again." He came that close to saying MAGA.

The letter on White House stationery, with the man's childish black scrawl of a signature, is a campaign letter masquerading as notification from the IRS that federal money has been deposited in our bank account.

One sentence in his letter stood out: "Our top priority is your health and safety." Yeah, right, in the same week that he ordered meat-processing plants to stay open, which have already become death traps for those workers. Add his meandering "the states should reopen" mixed messaging and his wholly inept response to the whole pandemic from the beginning. We know what his top priority is: Getting his name on relief checks, as though he wrote them himself.

I'm considering which deserving candidates I can make donations to. It'll be people who promise to end this Trumpist nightmare.

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Cathy Pinson said...

I got my $1200 deposit today. And promptly wrote two $600 checks: one to Grace Lutheran Church, the other to the Watauga County Hunger & Health Coalition. God knows I could use the money, but these folks need it more than I do. And even if it's direct deposit and I never actually saw it, I don't want to have anything to do with anything with that man's name on it.