Sunday, April 05, 2020

"Late Capitalism Has Always Been a Death Cult"

One consolation: Crises always bring out good writing. Like Laurie Penny's "This Is Not the Apocalypse You Were Looking For," which contains this succinct summation of the Trumpists who are in control of government right now:
...late capitalism has always been a death cult. The tiny-minded incompetents in charge cannot handle a problem that can’t be fixed simply by sacrificing poor, vulnerable, and otherwise expendable individuals. Faced with a crisis they can’t solve with violence, they dithered and whined and wasted time that can and will be counted in corpses. There has been no vision, because these men never imagined the future beyond the image of themselves on top of the human heap, cast in gold. For weeks, the speeches from podiums have suggested that a certain amount of brutal death is a reasonable price for other people to pay to protect the current financial system. The airwaves have been full of spineless right-wing zealots so focused on putting the win in social Darwinism that they keep accidentally saying the quiet bit out loud....

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Williamson: Thank you for directing us to this right on article in Wired (which I never read). I am 70 and attended Appalachian in the 1980s. I was a fringe type who hung around the Appalachian Collection watching old videos from Whitesburg. Thank you also for Watauga Watch. The woman's pov was not what I'd expect in Wired. She said humanity will end in bakery not butchery, and so I hope. She observed that yeast is an item supply chains cannot deliver to meet demand during Covid 19. The concept that Late Capitalism is geno-suicidal is a settled issue. And it does mesh well this time with Douglas Adams' account in Hitch-hiker's Guide... that humanity's demise was sealed by the exile of "telephone sanitizers."

I imagine you'd categorize me as a conspiracy theorist. We might not get along. I subscribe to the likelihood that US covert agencies seeded China with one Covid 19 line at the military games there, soon after Fort Detrick was closed by the CDC. I think a forensic of 5 lines within the Covid 19 strain indicates actions intended to hobble China, and other nations, as the US economy was being surpassed. If that were revealed critics like me would not be surprised because the Death Cult MO (Capitalism over Life) fits well.