Friday, October 20, 2017

Trump Brags About His Expensive Paintings, But At Least Two of Them Are Fake

In Trump's penthouse apartment in Trump Tower
Trump likes to brag to visitors about his "original Renoirs." The one pictured above, "La Loge" (The Theaterbox) is a fake. The original hangs at the Courtauld Art Institute in London.

Also a fake ... (below) Renoir's "Two Sisters (on the Terrace)," which the camera for a 60 Minutes interview after the election last November caught sight of over Trump's shoulder. The actual original painting has been hanging at the Art Institute of Chicago since 1933.

Trump apparently tells everyone that they're originals, "worth millions." When Trump told New York Times business reporter Timothy O’Brien that it was genuine, O'Brien ventured the truth: "Donald, it's not. I grew up in Chicago, that Renoir is called Two Sisters (on the Terrace), and it's hanging on a wall at the Art Institute of Chicago. That's not an original."

Back the very next day to continue his interview with Trump, O'Brien said that Trump repeated the lie. "Trump pointed out the painting again, as though [our] conversation had never happened."

"He believes his own lies, in a way that lasts for decades," O'Brien recently said on a Vanity Fair podcast.

He believes his own lies. That pretty much sums up the Trump we've all come to know. It's as plain as that Picasso original hanging over my computer table.

Melania in the penthouse with the other fake Renoir


Anonymous said...

Figures. His art is as genuine as his love of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Still your president.

Anonymous said...

Still my president the way that Obama was always your president? Okay. I can live with that.