Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Phil Berger to Governor Cooper: "We'd Prefer That You Pound Sand"

Gov. Roy Cooper should not have
to put up with the detestable Phil Berger
Having watched the voters of North Carolina replace the blithe Republican non-entity Pat McCrory with Democratic Governor Roy Cooper last fall, Republican Dictator and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger launched his McConnellizing project of thwarting the new governor in every way conceivable, taking away as much of his appointment power as possible and then refusing to confirm or even consider confirming Cooper's appointments to important boards and commissions that handle much of the public's business.

How many special sessions now has Berger called and participated in and yet failed to call up Cooper's appointments for confirmation? There are ten pending Cooper appointments to the North Carolina Utilities Commission, the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System Board of Trustees, and the State Board of Education.

The governor says there's no reason for the delay other than "an obvious effort by the General Assembly to undermine my administration's ability to ensure faithful execution of the laws." Berger sez, "Oh, you wanted those people confirmed? Why haven't you been begging me to take action, then? It's a good governor who begs. Maybe we'll get around to those confirmations some day -- say, January -- but right now we're busy overriding your vetoes. And, by the way, eat shit!"

Sue their asses, Governor. It's the only action they still fear.

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Anonymous said...

Cooper should have sued them a long time ago.

We elected Cooper to kick asses and take names of the GOP crooks in the legislature.

If he doesn't, we'll find a Dem with a spine who f**king will.