Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Raleigh Wrecking Crew

Intercepted email from an old political hand in Raleigh:
Republicans keep saying everything has been done wrong for 100 years, so they have to come in with radical change to fix it. The truth is North Carolina did not become the best place in America to live and work by accident, and it certainly didn't happen by not investing in infrastructure, dismantling public education, and wreaking havoc on our environment. That is not who we are. North Carolina has issues, but the Republicans are not fixing what is broken. They are tearing down what has made us great. Their plan includes raising taxes on the middle class, cutting them on corporations and the rich, while sending billions of our tax dollars and thousands of jobs to other states all to deny 500,000 North Carolinians access to affordable health care. 
The GOP plan is to cram so much into a short time that it will be hard to be outraged or focused on it all.
No kidding!

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