Thursday, February 07, 2013

NC GOP Agrees with Science Quack, But Don't Want To Be Seen With Him

The notorious John Droz, the non-scientist who talked the GOP majority into rejecting science and denying sea-level rise on the NC coast, was at the capitol yesterday, but only three lawmakers showed up for his presentation, which was evidently short on science and long on radical conservative talking points.

Duly noted.

More anti-science shit to come anon from our General Assembly.


Henery said...

Yikes. Don't forget that McCrory's new environmental "watchdog" (hee!) is himself a climate change denier. This news came out this morning:

“Though Droz’s Feb. 6 talk in the North Carolina legislative auditorium was sparsely attended, there were a number of high-level staff there from the state Department of Energy and Natural Resources. But that may be because Secretary John Skvarla — an attorney and businessman who rejects the idea that there is scientific consensus around global warming and questions whether oil is a finite resource — had his office send out an email last week inviting division directors and senior management to consider attending.”

Anonymous said...

Of course he denies man made climate change. It dues not exist.