Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Naked Power That Should Embarrass Every Fair-Minded North Carolinian

Senate Bill 10, passed on a party-line vote yesterday in a NC Senate committee, would simply fire all existing members of several key consumer and environmental boards and allow the Republican Governor to replace those members with his own partisans (more details below). "What have [board members] done to deserve being fired?" asked Sen. Josh Stein (D--Wake County). Chief sponsor of S10, Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick) answered rather frankly that the bill will give the Republicans "a political edge." No kidding! The boards subject to mass firings were created by the General Assembly to protect consumers, injured workers, and the environment. "They're going after everything so they can put their stamp on it," Sen. Stein warned. "Commissions are supposed to be independent; they're not supposed to be ideological. And I fear they're trying to politicize state government in a way that will hurt North Carolinians."

Sen. Rabon's bill (S10) would fire all the existing members of the following important boards and commissions, and you have to guess what a wholly partisan membership, appointed by a Republican governor, will do once they're installed. (That's Sen. Rabon pictured to the left, looking extraordinarily unembarrassed.)

The North Carolina Utilities Commission: regulates the rates and services of all public utilities in North Carolina, including electric, telephone, natural gas, water, wastewater, water resale, household goods transportation, busses, brokers, and ferryboats.

The Environmental Management Commission: responsible for adopting rules for the protection, preservation and enhancement of the state's air and water resources.

The Coastal Resources Commission: establishes policies for the N.C. Coastal Management Program and adopts implementing rules for both CAMA and the N.C. Dredge and Fill Act. The commission designates areas of environmental concern, adopts rules and policies for coastal development within those areas, and certifies local land-use plans.

The North Carolina Lottery Commission: supervises and administers the education lottery.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission: conserves North Carolina’s wildlife resources and their habitats and provides programs and opportunities that allow hunters, anglers, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy wildlife-associated recreation.

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Anonymous said...

For the love of God, appointments for these judges are the height of corruption in NC by Democrats. North Carolina citizens were/are dishing out two million dollars plus for Democrats to have something to award. By the 80's there were four judges, then eight judges and now twelve judges. Some of the appointees had never practiced law in court room until the appointments. It was the plum for Democrats to award to politicians' children whom governors owed huge political favors. Some were appointed by outgoing governors to award the fair pie jobs.I am a fair-minded person but this is corruption. Call it like it is. I am angry this was allowed to go on this long and righteous reformers like JW turned his head because it was Democrats. The positions of these twelve judges is the finest example of graft and corruption in state government I know.I think it is more like naked corruption uncovered.