Friday, February 08, 2013

The NC GOP's Snatching of Municipal Assets

Last year, the new Republican majority in the NC General Assembly took away Asheville's airport and bestowed it on an airport "authority," and most people know about the legislative drive to grab Asheville's water supply and give control of it over to a county authority.

Now it's Charlotte's turn in the crosshairs, as a couple of powerful Republican lawmakers and certain behind-the-scenes "business interests" have proposed divesting Charlotte of Douglas International Airport and giving it to someone else.

Those who have watched Boone's long struggle to get a new water source, and Rep. Jonathan Jordan's attempt to shut that whole thing down, have openly speculated that if a new water intake and water line to Boone get built, what's to stop the Jordan/Soucek tag-team from introducing a "local bill" to simply take Boone's water and give it to the county, whose big developers have long lusted for it, backed by a county government that will not regulate growth, no way, no how?

It's not as though we have witnessed their over-reach before.


Anonymous said...

The over reach is Boone's theft of water from Ashe County

Anonymous said...

'Not to mention the possibility of lowering Meat Camp area's water table.

Anonagain said...

Ah, Anonymous 4:12, you're nothing if not consistent in your constant hatred of the town of Boone. Ashe County does NOT own the water in the New River. In fact, the Supreme Court has ruled that the states own the water in rivers. Towns, cities, counties or regions can form water associations and receive permits to withdraw water from rivers or to discharge wastewater back into them. In fact, the town of Jefferson gets some water from the New River and discharges wastewater into two creeks that eventually drain into the New. This is not about the water - it's about hating everything that Boone does.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of overreach, it looks like the town finally got caught in its subterfuge.