Friday, February 15, 2013

#itgetsworse: You're Not Improving NC's Mood, Bubbas

Hattip: DJ. Polls mainly capture a moment in time. We know that. But perhaps we were wrong in assuming that the voting public in North Carolina were not paying attention to the radical over-reach in Raleigh:
Only 11% of voters support the pay raises Pat McCrory gave to his cabinet, to 82% of voters opposed to them. Even Republicans oppose them by a 75/14 margin.

Only 39% of voters support cutting benefits for unemployed workers to $350 a week, while 50% are opposed to that change. And just 41% favor reducing the time period during which workers can receive benefits by six weeks to 48% who are opposed. Independents are opposed to the actions the legislature has taken on both counts.

32% of voters disagree with the comments McCrory recently made about higher education in the state to 26% who agree. In the Triangle, where voters were much more familiar with his statements, 44% of voters disagree with McCrory to 30% who agree.

Voters give the Republican controlled state government as a whole a 40% approval rating, with 49% of voters disapproving. It's at 35/49 with independents.

Only 33% of voters have a favorable opinion of legislative Republicans in the General Assembly, to 49% with a negative one.


Anonymous said...

Williamson has added not sure to disapprove to get his figure. What a hypocrite.

brotherdoc said...

Sounds like you are the hypocrites, Anon 1.0, claiming to be enacting things the people don't want (now that it's too late to stop you).

Anonymous said...

It will be fun to hear you try to explain how the Republicans got elected by saying they were going to do what you say people don;t want.

disgusted said...

They "got elected" because of jobs and the economy. They did NOT get elected to cut the public schools, comm. colleges or universities, or to punish the unmployed or the poor.

Anonymous said...

One more time, cutting waste in education is a good thing. The only punishment of the unemployed or poor takes place in the minds of the entitlement lovers that have sold their votes for bread and circuses.

Strike one, disgusted. Swing again?

Why was this post censored?

disgusted said...

What was censored in your post? The so-called "waste" in education is gone - we are now deep into the meat of it!

Anonymous said...

What was censored in your post?

The entire post was censored three times.

The so-called "waste" in education is gone

So when was tenure of incompetent teachers eliminated?

Strike two.