Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kay Hagan Gets Her First Official Republican Challenger

Dr. Greg Brannon, an OB/GYN in Cary, NC, has announced his intention of running in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate next year. It's likely to be a crowded field, after Thom Tillis and Phil Berger (and who knows who else) get into it.

Dr. Brannon receives mixed reviews from women patients. While some women seem to think that his overt Christianity is just what they need, others lean the other way:

Avoid this practice. I was referred to Dr. Brannon by a friend. My first visit was fine. Dr. Brannon thinks he's funny so he's always cracking jokes and being silly, but it was tolerable. He had his staff give me some literature to read and I scheduled a second appointment. Dr. Brannon was rude, unprofessional, insulting and condescending. I asked the nurse a question and she looked frightened to answer. He ordered some tests and left the room abruptly. I told the nurse to not bother with it as I would not be returning there. I am SO glad I was not seeing him during a pregnancy. I would feel trapped with his Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde personality. Thankfully, I learned his true colors early on and didn't get caught up in the toxicity of that place. Please, please, do yourself (and your future baby) a favor and steer clear of this man with the serious God-complex.

Horrid experience-Find somewhere else. This Dr. is very rude and full of himself. I know it may be hard to believe just reading reviews, however take peoples word ( words ) for it and stay away!! I do not understand why some people find him to be energetic and confident and others say he is arrogant and rude. That is confusing to say the least. I have personally witnessed:

1. screaming at staff

2. making condescending remarks personally at me

3. belittling me

4. off color "jokes" ( and I use that term loosely)

5. Other small items I will not mention

Do your research,he cannot keep ANY Drs with him in his practice.. that in itself speaks VOLUMES

RUN-DONT WALK-AWAY FROM THIS PRACTICE. I regret being a patient at this office. Dr Brannon is so arrogant and non professional, he thinks hes some sort of comedian and treats his office staff very rude. I overheard serveral comments screamed to the staff just in the short time I was there. He obviously has trouble keeping Drs. in practice with him. I know his website screams Christianity, but I havent witnessed any huge amount of caring or consideration for fellow woman, in this instance.....


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Anonymous said...

Posting something like this is absolutely absurd. Mr. Williamson, you apparently got this information off of a City Search website. People can say anything they want there. My questions is why did you find it necessary to begin a smear campaign against someone you don't even know or even if they will run for office. There is no longer any logical discussion on this blog.