Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An "Eisenhower Republican"

Gov. McCrory self-identified that way last night in his state-of-the-state address.

Several Tea Partiers in the audience must have gotten the vapors.

Unless he was referring to the Eisenhower who could never bring himself to stand up to the radicalism of Joe McCarthy.

Probably he meant the Eisenhower who believed in massive public investment in stuff like the interstate highway system, the Eisenhower who did not begin to dismantle the New Deal but rather added to it. Don't you figger he meant that Eisenhower? Which should give the Tea Party the vapors.

Gary Pearce said he seemed more like a mayor than a governor, or more like the president of a homeowner's association. That's a step up from how we see him ... as a paper tiger.

It takes a paper tiger to sign that cruel and unnecessary unemployment law out of sight of the public.

Would Eisenhower have been so craven?

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