Thursday, February 21, 2013

Republicans Want To Eliminate Straight-Party Voting in NC

It's Senate Bill 82. It's already passed first reading in the Senate and has been referred to committee.

It's apparently deeply ingrained in Republican DNA to begin messing with voting rights as soon as they get into power. But why would they want to eliminate straight-party voting? Perhaps because Democrats generally choose the option more than Republicans do.

In 2012, exactly 1,418,430 Democrats voted a straight-party ticket, while 1,110,390 Republicans did so. The margin was narrower in 2010: Dems 599,985 to Repubs 561,878.

It's okay. It'll be my pleasure to search out every Republican on the ballot in 2014 for the pleasure of voting against him/her. The exercise will do me good.

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Anonymous said...

JW are you paid by Blueprint? I just read the leaked memo on the C/O to demonize Tillis, Berger, and the Governor using nonprofit money from Z Smith Reynolds. Specific details were spelled out as to how to accomplish this? Again were you paid by Blueprinst to demonize Republicans. Shame! Shame