Sunday, February 17, 2013

North Carolina and "The Red State Model"

We see it happening. There's no mistaking it. Our new Republican overlords in Raleigh have embarked on a grand social experiment to prove that their vision of the economy is the right one.

The outlines of a Republican economy? Few taxes, especially on the rich. The tax burden repositioned (via sales taxes) onto the poor and middle class. Indigents off welfare! Strangle Medicaid! "Root, hog, or die." Regulations scuttled, especially the environmental variety, because they impede businesses. No more money for colleges and universities. They don't teach Republican values. Make sure no two workers anywhere will ever get together and demand better pay, or better working conditions. Roll the clock back a dozen decades for women. Abortion is murder, and "equal rights" was just a Communist plot to divide Americans.

Recently, at a local meeting of Alzheimer's care-givers about to be cut out of state support by the new Republican austerity, the representative of Senator Burr suggested that Alzheimer's patients thrown out of the safety net can go to homeless shelters.

That's their vision. That's their plan. That's their level of understanding.

Lynn Parramore, a North Carolina native, explains it all, and fingers the people behind it, in her essay, "The GOP Plan to Flush Your State's Economy Down the Toilet." If you don't know what's transpiring around you in North Carolina, you might want to find out.


Ebeneezer Scrooge said...

Well, if the poor (or alzheimer's patients) are going to die, "they'd best do so, and quickly, to decrease the surplus population."

Anonymous said...

Our new Republican overlords in Raleigh have embarked on a grand social experiment to prove that their vision of the economy is the right one.

I certainly hope so. Itwaz why they were elected.

sinister minister said...

Be careful what you wish for Anonymous.

pj said...

Mingled horror and anger about the breathtakingly callous Alzheimer's patients/homeless shelter remark. I'd very much like to send some letters/make some calls/reach out to social media about this. Is there any further information available on who said it, when and where? Have any local media mentioned it? There's not quite enough information here for me to plug into the letters/phone calls I'm mentally preparing... I can't just sit and shake my head on this one. TIA.

Anonymous said...

It will take the Republicans 100 years to catch up the corruption of the Democrats.It is beyond what the mind can understand, the loss of money and out right corruption. That alone is why the Republicans were sent to Raleigh!!~ Overtime of nearly a million dollars, a twenty five percent pay raise for one employee, missing cars and cell phones as well as a loss of one Billion at DHHS just to name a few. Please, when the citizens of North Carolina begin to hear what all has gone on under cover,( from a Democrat auditor) the Democrats will not return to Raleigh in control.

Anonymous said...

That is a bold face lie about Justin Burr. When did JW ever care about the truth?