Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thom Tillis: "You Must Respect My Authori-tie!"

Rev. William Barber, head of the NC NAACP, was arrested yesterday in the gallery of the NC House, along with six others after quoting Micah 6:8 rather loudly:

"Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly With God."

So far the venerable leader has been at every public protest we've attended in Raleigh, and at a lot more that we didn't get to, and so far he's the only leader in the state willing to be arrested rather than sit silent and watch this new thuggish Republican majority in Raleigh take us all back to the 19th century in one single session of the General Assembly.

Rev. Barber has asked for a meeting with Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis, who is now playing Aunt Pittypat, fanning himself furiously and pursing those lips at such disrespect for his Exalted Highness.

Mark Binker adds detail:
...In one particularly awkward moment, police were holding Barber in front an elevator preparing to escort him out. Tillis came down the stairs and was immediately confronted by a protestor asking about a meeting with Barber.

“When I have a respectful request I'll be happy to meet with people who treat my House with respect,” Tillis said.

One protestor replied, “Your house? We're paying for it. It's our house.


Opinionated said...

I've always loved that quote from Micah...and more each day as I grow older.

The Teahadist said...

The Micah quote is good, but the protestor's quote is more timely, methinks.

brotherdoc said...

Tillis says, he refuses to talk to someone who is facing legal charges. Well, a lot of folks have been in that boat: the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela--even Jesus. This Tillis guy is more sanctimonious than Pontius Pilate! Aren't elected officials supposed to talk to the public? Oh wait, no, he's a GOPer and they only talk to each other and the corporate lobbyists who pay their way to power.