Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh, It's Crystal Clear All Right

Rep. Virginia Foxx proposed an amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which passed the House Wednesday by a vote of 234 to 182. The amendment would ban health centers from using federal funds for comprehensive medical training, which often includes instruction in abortion procedures including common gynecological procedures such as dilation and curettage.

Foxx was outraged that medical students might learn procedures that could actually save women's lives.

Foxx likes to claim that she was once an educator.

She said in a statement, “This amendment ensures that the grants being provided to teaching health centers are not being used to perform elective abortion, makes it crystal clear that taxpayer money is not being used to train healthcare providers to perform abortion procedures…."

"Crystal clear"? What's abundantly plain to the naked eye is the determined march of the most repressive elements in the modern Republican Party (but we repeat ourselves!) to create the Republic of Gilead.

There's evil. And then there's jaw-dropping stupidity.

Mike McIntyre of the NC-7 and Heath Shuler of the NC-11 voted with Foxx on this amendment.


Syd said...

I remember "Educators" like her from the old days when girls were taught that all they could ever be was a nurse or a school teacher and that they should focus on finding a man and staying barefoot and pregnant.

This woman is despicable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jerry. And we have it in both parties.

amjp said...

This - and she - are so outrageous! Does she and her ilk consider this a moral decision? If it were possible, which it probably isn't, I'd like to try to explain to her what actual Biblical morality is all about - like caring for other people, regardless of who they are. V.F. wouldn't recognize a moral act or thought even if she were capable of making one.

Brushfire said...

Does she have stock in a coathanger factory?