Friday, May 20, 2011

O the Humanity

Hope this billboard was prepaid!

So far, I've gotten three Facebook invitations for various "left-behind" gatherings on Sunday, including one notification of "post-Rapture pillaging."


amjp said...

Funny, especially the pillaging! Gee! No one has invited us to a post-rapture event.

Incidentally, the word to verify on this page now is "ferfie," which reminded me of the Yiddish word "farfel."

shyster said...

According to Matthew 24:36 no one will know when the end of times shall come and that includes Jesus and the angels in heaven.
My guess is that when tomorrow comes and everyone is still here and we are suffering only the standard wars, plagues, pestilence and natural disasters. The rapture whack jobs will fall back on that passage and claim that it was both a test of the faithful and atest to get everyone thinking and talking about the end of days.

shyster said...

The Rapture happened as scheduled and planned.
All true Christians, those who truly believe and really follow and practice the teachings of Christ, were taken up.
There are no more Christians left on Earth.
Look around you and think about it.