Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Worser and Worser

So Madam Foxx has written Matthew Shephard's mother a note, saying "If there was anything I said that offended you, I'm sorry you were offended," which is parsing words in order not to make an apology, and then lied to WXII-TV, saying she was speaking "off the cuff," when she was clearly reading from prepared remarks in the video we've all seen. And then refused to say whether she now considers Shephard's brutal beating death a hate crime.

Because she doesn't. And if you think for a micro-second that she didn't use EXACTLY the word she meant, then you don't know Foxx. And if you think she's sorry for anything beyond the fact that she's been embarrassed INTERNATIONALLY as the very face of bigotry, then you don't know beans.

She's our Michele Bachmann.

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