Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Foxx Chase

This just in: Madam Virginia Foxx is ranked the second most partisan Republican in Congress. According to Ryan Beckwith, "The Hill" newspaper surveyed more than 100 Capitol Hill lawmakers and promised them anonymity to speak frankly. The ranking of Foxx comes from her own peers in Congress, mind you.

And in case you missed it: the very nearly universal scolding of The Madam over her insult to the memory of Matthew Shepherd extended itself into the pages of the Winston-Salem Journal, which ran an editorial, "Outrageous Statements," blasting the congresswoman last Friday while we were on the road to Raleigh.

Judy Shephard, Matthew's mother, who just happened to be in the House gallery when Madam Foxx made her hateful assault on her son's memory, appeared on the Rachel Maddow show, on Thursday, and commented unfavorably on Foxx's non-apology.

Here's the link to "The Hill" article, which I should have referenced above. In it, Foxx is described as "opaque" by one of her colleagues, which means, we think, that she emits no light.

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