Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sen. Dick Burr Relieved To Be a Backseat Driver

Sen. Dick Burr was in Ashe County yesterday, speaking to students at Ashe County High School.

In an off-hand comment in response to a student question, Burr confirmed what we've long observed ... that Republicans actually relish being the opposition party, since governing means managing the government, which good conservatives don't believe in anyway:
"In many ways, being the minority is liberating because the majority are the ones who are responsible for setting an agenda," Burr said. "I find that when I am in the minority, I have more time to delve into policy, especially when the other team is in the White House."

We certainly want to make sure that Sen. Dick gets extended years for "delving" rather than governing. In fact, Senator, think how much time you'd have for criticizing the majority if you were out of the Senate altogether.

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