Wednesday, May 06, 2009

N.C. Republican Strategist Says Foxx Could Be Hurting the GOP

From Roll Call today, an article titled "Foxx Hunts for GOP, Sometimes Misfires":
One North Carolina political strategist said Foxx's work ethic was impressive at home and inside the Capitol, but that her inability to communicate the Republican message effectively could end up hurting the party.

"I don't see how it's been helpful," the strategist said. "The party should do what it can to raise the profile of females and minorities, but a lot of the time the people we put out front may not be the most effective spokesmen."

We're sure the strategist meant "spokespersons."

Also mentioned in the article ... Republican Minority Leader John Boehner called Foxx down for grinning in front of Capitol cameras. Apparently, he was concerned that the Foxx smile might melt the faces of innocent bystanders.

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