Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Trumpists Brutalize Pat McCrory


With former Congressman Mark Walker reportedly getting Trump's blessing to leave the US Senate race to run instead for Congress in the 7th CD -- thus giving Trump-endorsed Ted Budd a clearer field for beating Pat McCrory in that Senate race -- we're not surprised to see McCrory-bashing come to a quick boil among those allied with Trump. This multi-page, full-color “report” on McCrory has hit the mails and is pictured in today's News and Observer editorial pages:

From the accompanying editorial:

It’s the kind of ferocity that’s usually saved for a general election, and it’s a signal to Republicans that if you run against Trump-backed candidates like Cawthorn and McCrory opponent Ted Budd, the worst attacks against you might come from inside the house. It’s also notable that this isn’t coming from the Budd campaign, but an outside group — the kind of national intrusion into state politics that Republicans invited with their unrestricted approach to campaign funding.

Most of all, it’s a reminder that Republicans brought this upon themselves when they courted the worst elements of their base, when they dismissed coarseness as principled passion, when they embraced a president with no boundaries. Now that president and the Republicans he leads have turned on their own with delight. It won’t end with McCrory, and it will discourage decent Republicans from running in the future, further cementing the GOP as a radical and ruined party.

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