Friday, December 10, 2021

Mark Walker Doesn't Trust Donald Trump


Mark Walker
We've been following the high-level scheming of Madison Cawthorn and Donald Trump in easing Mark Walker out of the US Senate race in North Carolina, to clear the way for Ted Budd to defeat Pat McCrory in the Republican primary next March May. All the principals met at Mar-a-Lago last weekend and we thought it was settled that Walker would switch his campaign from Senate to Congressional Dist. 7

But Politico published this morning that Trump, or Walker, or possibly suspicion itself threw a clod into that churn:

...On Saturday, former Rep. Mark Walker got Trump’s word he would endorse Walker to run in a newly drawn congressional district if he exited the Senate race, a shift that was expected to serve as a boost for Budd.

But on Thursday, after days had passed without an official endorsement announcement from Trump, Walker said he will remain in the Senate race for now, and he will continue to consider a House run through the end of the year....

Come on, guys. When did Donald Trump ever throw a gullible subordinate under the bus? 

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