Thursday, June 27, 2019

Twitterman's Endorsement of Thom Tillis Causes Acid Reflux Among NC Conservatives

North Carolina conservatives despise incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis, and his 2020 primary rival, Garland Tucker, has been gaining traction.

But then Twitterman came out with a full-bore endorsement for Tillis on Tuesday, stunning Tillis's enemies.

Brant Clifton at The Daily Haymaker says Twitterman's endorsement makes a mockery of his "drain the swamp" slogan.

Do you know what cognitive dissonance looks like? It looks like a case of summer prickly heat, and it requires a great deal of furious fanning. Cognitive dissonance produces discomfort because belief has been upended by contrary behavior.

So North Carolina conservatives thought Twitterman was sent by God to deliver them from weak Republican swamp creatures, but here Twitterman is, endorsing/protecting a weak Republican swamp creature.

How do you go on worshipping your savior when he's just so damn wrong?

Oh, you'll probably manage somehow.

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