Thursday, August 31, 2017

Virginia Foxx Has A Republican Primary Opponent

Matthew Vera of Kernersville (link to his website), a former high school cross country/track and field coach in Forsyth County who works now as a Ralph Lauren warehouseman in Kernersville. His website paints a portrait of a good guy who's as earnest and innocent as newcomers to politics usually are.

He does not mention his political party, but he is registered Republican. He does not mention the current incumbent in the 5th District seat, but he makes a clear contrast to Madam Foxx:
"We have a responsibility to our society to promote tolerance and prevent discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ethnic group, sexual orientation, covered veteran or other legally protected status."

He lists as important policy issues teacher pay (over which federal office-holders don't have a lot of influence) and the minimum wage, about which he writes:
Living within your means is still tough when your means are barely enough to get you from paycheck to paycheck. No matter what background or circumstances brought you to the work week ahead, we all have felt or seen the struggle that exists regarding pay. Our time card now boasts more hours than ever before in search of that additional dollar that will allow the power to stay on, the daily meal on the table to be more than enough, the long needed vacation or family trip a little more doable and activity packed!
What contemporary Republican candidate for office talks like that? Certainly not The Madam, in whom the milk of human kindness curdled decades ago.

I like this guy, and I already don't want to see him hurt.

(He also has a candidate Facebook page.)

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