Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump and History

To cut to the chase: Trump knows as much about history as a dog knows his father.

In the statement Trump read aloud on Saturday about the violence in Charlottesville (a part of it not usually replayed on TV news), he said "We must ... cherish our history." That's an interesting line, as it shows up all the time as camouflage on the Web and elsewhere: "We're just celebrating white heritage. We're just honoring history." Well, particularly, the specific history of pain and loss of property by Civil War Americans defending their right to own and sweat human beings for a profit. 

L to R: Trump, Bannon, Gorka, Miller
Josh Marshall asked a crucial question yesterday: Who wrote that statement about "cherishing history" for Trump. He didn't write it himself. He can't write. He can barely read.

Was it White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, who reportedly has Trump's ear as some kind of international sage. Very recent headline about Gorka: "White House Aide Says People Should Stop Criticizing White Supremacists So Much."

Or was it NortoriousSB, Stephen Bannon? Everybody knows his fondness and nurturing care for the "Alt-Right."

Or was the author the other Stephen? Stephen Miller, the man who wrote Trump's Inauguration speech ("Darkness Falls") and the subsequent Trump Anti-Immigration Presidential Order that crashed. This Steve hung out at Duke University not long ago with Richard B. Spencer, the now-president of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank. Richard Spencer's big media moment came soon after the election of Trump and in a Washington venue to boot: "At a National Policy Institute conference, [Spencer] quoted from Nazi propaganda and denounced Jews. In response to his cry "Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!", a number of his supporters gave the Nazi salute and chanted in a similar fashion to the Sieg heil chant used at the Nazis' Nuremberg rallies. Spencer has also refused to denounce Adolf Hitler."

Jeffrey C. Billman, in The Independent Weekly, threw down the gauntlet to a major political party that is now left holding the coats of resurgent white supremacists:
At minimum, every decent Republican—looking at you, Tillis and Burr—should be demanding that Trump immediately fire Gorka, Miller, and Bannon .... In any normal administration, Republican or Democrat, [people] half that repugnant would have been prevented from getting anywhere near the Oval Office. In Trump’s, they’re top advisers.
History, who hasn't been introduced yet to Mr. Trump, will not be kind in telling this tale of a bad seed moving into the White House.


Anonymous said...

Did you see that Nate Silver, who's reading Breitbart and monitoring other alt-right media, says to watch out for Trump now to blame the Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe, for the Charlottesville spectacle. I'm watching!

Anonymous said...

"He didn't write it himself. He can't write. He can barely read."

Have you told that to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania? It's ranked as the #1 business school in the world.

You know, where Trump got his degree from.

And where was it you went to school, JW?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't speak well of the Wharton School, now does it?

Anonymous said...

I don't think they accept students who can't read or write, which is what JW claims.

As an aside, underestimating your enemy is a sure way to defeat, which is exactly what happened to you in the election.

JW's hatred is divorced from reality, he is now posting whatever fantasy comes into his mind.

O Suzannah said...

Of course! It could never happen that a privileged and spoiled kid of a millionaire could cheat and coast his way through an elite school. It would never happen, right?

Anonymous said...

You're delusional.

Wharton is the finest business school in the world. the idea they would let some New York asshole cheat and coast his way through is as preposterous as you're politics.

As with JW, your hatred of Trump is driving you over the edge of reason.

And by the way, Trump can write.

He's been signing laws and executive orders dismantling your oppressive statist policies.

But, keep thinking like you are, it'll make your defeat in 2018 that much easier.

P.S. You're comments are more indicative of Obama, who leveraged his race in everything he did.