Friday, March 04, 2016

Early Voting Turnout in Watauga County

After two full days of Early Voting in Watauga County in the 2016 Primary elections:

Western Watauga Community Center 73
Deep Gap Volunteer Fire Department 80
Blowing Rock Town Hall 138
Meat Camp Volunteer Fire Department 58
Watauga County Administration Building 618
Plemmons Student Union, AppState 1,823


Anonymous said...

I see why Four Eggers and the Republicans are not fans of a voting site that actually services large crowds of people.

Shameful that one party wants to reduce access to voting. Shameful. And based on the very real fear that the only way the GOP can hang onto power is by preventing people from voting.

bettywhite said...

Republicans must be afraid of large crowds. Did anyone see the picture of the Watauga Republican convention that was in the Watauga Democrat? A large mostly empty room with a few people sprinkled around here and there!