Thursday, March 10, 2016

Welcome to Trump Land, America

Video of the sucker-punching that happened in Fayetteville at a Trump rally:

The Trump supporter charged with assault in that incident later said on camera that "next time we might have to kill him." That video has disappeared from YouTube.

A couple of weeks at one of his rallies in Las Vegas, Donald Trump himself was strutting for an audience, saying about a protestor that he'd like to "punch him in the face."

Violent rhetoric, violent behavior.


Unknown said...

That's just a small taste of what will happen if, God forbid, this crazy man is elected president. He will do, or say, whatever is necessary to get votes. He has no plan to accomplish any of the things he is saying. His only plan is to feed his all consuming narcissism and use television as his personal mirror. He is the reincarnation of Louis XVI. He cares not at all about his citizens; he cares only about his own vanity.

Anonymous said...

When intentional protestors disrupt planned rallies, swinging wildly, running amok, and shouting obscenities, putting others at risk, then the protestors should not be too surprised when others occasionally strike back.

Anonymous said...

Thus speaks the establishment, status quo neo-con. Businessman Trump cannot be bought and sold like the other candidates. These rabid mobs, many from the hoodlum hatcheries, obey their masters' voices, like Soros, very well, don't they? Look at the past presidents and most public officials of the last several decades, even of the last century. They have been a disaster. You know this, Mr. Wilson. What is your answer to the same ole circle of bipartisan, corrupt, treasonous, spendthrift, lying officials ? These disgraceful public officials controlled by powerful banksters, multi-national corporations and organizations, the self-chosen special interests and their agendas are close to destroying what's left of this country. Do you really think the established professional candidates, these professional politicians, Left and Right, will solve any problems ?

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that those who bash the protesters give Trump a free pass. His rhetoric is breathtakingly xenophobic and racist. His appeals to violence as a solution to any confrontation are appalling. NO OTHER candidate is seeing this type of violence. Trump's rhetoric is a big reason why we're seeing escalating violence at Trump rallies around the nation.

GOP leaders have spent decades appealing to racism and hate. Trump is the monster they have created. To blame people who choose to fight back against Trump's violent rhetoric is one reason why the Republican Party will be buried in 2016. There is absolutely no interest in looking inward to see what can be done to attract a pool of candidates that is not utterly awful.

Anonymous said...

You call Trump's rhetoric xenophobic and racist !? I call it reaching out to the stressed-out working and middle class, the persecuted and prosecuted farmers and ranchers, producers, what's left of them, who have been getting poorer, who are getting nothing but continuous raw deals, gut punches, even being murdered, for many decades from and by the bipartisan, hypocritical, thieving, corrupt, spendthrift, treasonous, professional politicians representing this growing, bloated establishment of big banksters, and the powerful special interests. This disgusting political class, these thieves, and their big banking bosses have betrayed the American people horribly. Their continuous tax increases and onerous regulations, never ending deficits, an unfathomable debt of $ 19 TRILLION, military and CIA, NSA interferences in other countries, killing off our youth in needless and continual wars; sweetheart deals and huge bailouts for their pals in government and big business at the taxpayers expense; making it advantageous for businesses and factories to ship millions of jobs overseas, allowing an invasion of MILLIONS of illegal aliens, who know nothing of our culture, who do not respect us, and just take and take and take; deliberately allowing the drug shipments that are destroying our people, our families, and again, our youth.

You call that xenophobic and racist ? I call it the unpopular, politically incorrect TRUTH. I call it a long, long overdue appeal to the forgotten people in this country whose backs are already breaking. In truth, Trump cannot be bought off by the owners of the "NO OTHER candidates" of both parties. So George Soros and his minions, from Media Matters and, organize hundreds of disruptors from Bernie's and Bill Ayers' gangs of hoodlums, cutthroats, and spoiled brainwashed brats with the intention of intimidating Trump and the people who want to hear him speak. No other candidate is being targeted, because they are no threat to the status quo, the party bosses, and the Wall Street banksters and company.

For telling the unvarnished TRUTH, who does the millionaire propagandists, the so-called free press, the establishment mouthpieces, the shameless, controlled, neo-cons and progressive politicians, blame for these deliberate, planned outbursts of unruly, violent mobs? Why businessman Donald Trump! Think about it.

J.W. Williamson said...

Well said, Anon 7:50. I hear you. And I agree with much of your 1st paragraph, up until the point when you pivot to the easy target of illegal aliens. And then begin to grabbing the talking points from 2008 ... "George Soros"? "Bill Ayers"? Come on. You're obviously smarter than that.

Yes, I call Trump's rhetoric xenophobic and racist. Mos def. Perhaps in his private moments he's not personally xenophobic and racist, but he's given those hatreds license to express themselves in the larger public. By "politically incorrect," I understand what's meant ... openly xenophobic and racist. Openly. That's what you like about him. He's got no filter. Filters are annoying and frustrating when you're in such a target-rich environment.

Scapegoating immigrants does not make Trump a truth-teller. It makes him an opportunist and a bully. His curious insecurities and his constant need for adulation from large crowds does not make him brave. It reveals him as a demagogue. His strutting and bragging that he's single-handedly going to do things that are either unconstitutional or plain illegal does not make him smart. It shows how really shallow his understanding is about our form of government.

Anonymous said...

"The easy target of illegal aliens"? No. A vital, a necessary subject that should have been addressed decades ago, and most certainly in the precarious present. Pardon me, Mr. Williamson, but I favor my people, my ethnicity, and my cultural heritage. Millions of illegal aliens, some estimates as many as 20 M from just Mexico and central America have entered our country illegally, costing us huge sums $$ and have taken a huge toll on our cultural and societal stability. Those who will work, will work for much less, undermining the standard of living for all of us; this works for the temporary advantage of some businesses, but in the long run, it will be very devastating. The working class and its survival: Hasn't that been one of your talking points ? However, to bridge their income gap, these illegals can obtain government subsidies at our expense. And let's not forget La Raza. They are rabidly anti-American, hate the gringo, as they call us, spew out very ugly inflammatory remarks, and even want to forcibly take the Southwest and merge it with Mexico. This group does not come under fire for these remarks. But that's because their group, their ethnicity, has been granted the protective label, politically correct, while anyone who objects to this favoritism, this invasion, is shouted down, intimidated, called racist, threatened with physical violence, even arrest, etc., even in their own country, their states, cities, and counties. These invaders are apparently far more equal than American citizens, especially my ethnicity. Why would you, Mr. Williamson, desire that millions of illegal aliens be allowed to come and stay here in this country? Could it be because, if they are granted amnesty, you believe that they will register and vote in a way that would favor your partisan ideology ?

You say Mr. Trump has no filters. You say he is a bully, an opportunist. No filters for speaking the truth; for speaking the obvious ugly truth about the horrible economic and cultural conditions in this country ? Trump is a bully, an opportunist, you say? For daring to speak for the many millions, the besieged, silenced American working and middle class ? You call Trump a bully, when even longtime, arrogant government officials in very comfy positions, on all levels, forcibly tax us more and more, regulate just about every phase of our lives, send swarms of agents to harass and prosecute our citizens, producing citizens. I say Trump is pointing out the huge burdens, the gross persecution of America's working and middle class and what's left of our culture.

You refer to the talking points of 2008. Thank you. Remember Barack Obama's remark in June 2008 ? "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." This is the same Obama who said last week that 'Trump's heated rhetoric is the cause of violence and is unpresidential.' Maybe Obama knew what was being planned. Soros? Ayers? Yes, Mr. Williamson. Soros, indeed. He has funded radical, left-wing, anarchist groups for many years; Soros, the predatory raider, the multi-billionaire who has been banned from several countries. Soros is a thief and thinks he can intimidate and control countries. Ayers ? Yes, Mr. Williamson. His influence was definitely there, as it was ~50 years ago, Remember? The old radical, inflammatory, violent leader himself. Oh, but by today's warped standards, these men are OK; they are very PC.

Our form of government? Our original form of government is, alas, no more. It has been turned on its head; it has been transformed into a polyglot mobocracy, ruled by powerful, violent minorities. And if anyone speaks this terrible truth, he or she is the target of these ravaging mobs provided by people like Soros and Ayers.

Anonymous said...

curious thing is you all act as though our 'elections' are real anymore.
diebold and the documentary 'hacking democracy' have proven to many they are only theater to distract the 'great unwashed'.

Anonymous said...

"Pardon me, Mr. Williamson, but I favor my people, my ethnicity, and my cultural heritage."

Please, if you favor your "people" and loathe immigrants, call on your elected leaders to come down REALLY hard on all those many companies that employ the illegal immigrants. In NC, that includes restaurants and the Christmas tree industry. And it includes the wealthy who hire illegal immigrants to clean their homes and manicure their nails and tend to their lawns.

Fine employers - make it hard to EMPLOY illegal immigrants - and the problem will vanish. Don't ever blame people for wanting a better life. Blame the companies that profit handily by employing low-wage immigrants. It's the businesses of America that don't want to pay living wages to american that are responsible for the wave of illegal immigrants to this country.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to the Massachusetts couple who were viciously attacked by 4 illegal aliens. .
These illegals had been deported but found their way back to the US.

Anonymous 5:31 PM. I agree. And many of the illegals are hired by public officials. Once again, these illegals are hired for less, and they also receive government subsidies. Like I said before, these businesses who hire illegal aliens think their business benefits, but in the long run, this very doubtful practice undermines our cultural and societal stability.