Monday, March 21, 2016

NC GOP Central Committee Trying To Purge the Party Chair

Looks like sleaze-meister Dallas Woodhouse is winning the internal power struggle against very new and inexperienced state GOP Chair Hasan Harnett.

The Central Committee voted no confidence in Harnett on Sunday, laying out a list of grievances which seem to hinge primarily on how much money attendees at the state convention in May must pay for the privilege of hanging out. It's always about the money, eh, GOP? No, in this case, it's about who's running the joint, and it ain't Harnett.

Dallas Woodhouse
One of only two members of the Central Committee who voted against the censure of Harnett, Daniel Rufty, chair of the 12th Congressional District Committee, said, “The establishment hates Hasan and has been actively working against him to make sure he’s not successful.” For his uppityness, Rufty got censured too by the Central Committee.

You may recall that recently the hired Executive Director of the party, Dallas Woodhouse, shut off Harnett's email account. Woodhouse was hired by the Central Committee, not by Harnett, which is part of the problem.

Harnett is clearly being shown the door, but so far he appears extremely near-sighted when it comes to seeing the door. He's defending himself on his Facebook page: "Here we go again with the silly tricks, attacks, and lies. That is not a sign of strength or leadership, but rather a sign of weakness. Recent attacks on my character are just that, silly tricks and lies."

Thank God it's not the NC Democratic Party imploding this year. 'Tis the season, rather, for detusking the elephant. Make that a self-detusking.

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