Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Nelson Dollar Getting a Taste of What He Dished in 2004

Nelson Dollar
Cary Republican and chief budget writer in the NC House Nelson Dollar is being treated like a lite-liberal poltroon by his further-right primary challenger in the District 36 Republican primary. We are perennially reminded that Republicans have an insatiable appetite for eating their young.

Dollar is also experiencing what he dished out to a much more moderate Republican incumbent back in 2004, when Dollar was first elected to the House. That was a nasty campaign, and the incumbent, David Miner, who opposed the death penalty and opposed the introduction of Amendment One against gay marriage, was soundly defeated by Dollar.

The Raleigh N&O characterized Dollar's primary assault on Miner this way: "A series of vicious radio ads and direct mailings, funded by well-heeled Republicans such as Art Pope, painted Miner as a tax-raising, homosexual-protecting, criminal-loving liberal."

Sauce for the goose has now become sauce for the gander. Lap it, Rep. Dollar!

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