Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Wake Up

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has forced out the editor (since 2007) of its bi-weekly newspaper, The Baptist Recorder ... one Norman Jameson. The increasingly conservative denomination was increasingly unhappy with Jameson's writing mainly -- it appears -- because he was increasingly a voice of skepticism about "the creeping Calvinism" that is taking over in Baptist theological training and the movement to purge "unregenerate" Baptists from church rolls.

You can read a sample Jameson editorial here, one particularly aimed at that "creeping Calvinism" mentioned above. It's good writing. Offers insight, too, into those denominational cross-currents that were riling us up even back in the early 1960s when I was a student in a Baptist college in Texas. There's nothing much new under the doctrinal sun.

One of Jameson's targets for criticism was Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, whose various hair-brain preachments recently included the dangers that yoga offers your immortal soul and the suggestion that, if indeed homosexuality turns out to be a predetermined genetic predisposition, then maybe future homosexuals can be "cured" in the womb.

The North Carolina Baptist empire is certainly safer this morning for the viewpoints of Al Mohler.


Shyster said...

Back off, Jerry. Yesterday was a day of celebration for the fundgelicals. Show some compassion.
Yesterday was the 6013th birthday of the earth as computed by James Usher. It happened on 23 October 4004 BCE.
They've been celebrating and part of the celebration is to crush any voice of reason or moderation.

Anonymous said...

Shyster, I thought that date was from your calculations.

But whether it is or not, who are you to decide what is reasonable or moderate?

Other voices of reason or moderation may be just as knowledgeable or rational as yours.

Anonymous said...

Shyster knows because I shared the secret words from the great spirit with him and I know!

BTW, voices of reason normally resonate along fine tuning forks after consuming the facts.

Those who listen to gods offer opinions as reason, unfortunately, facts be damned.

Oh why bother, the world is flat anyway, according to O'Donnell

Anonymous said...

'Sure is flat---flat broke!!