Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Re-written history, situational ethics, and a nice dose of hatefulness ... Wilkes County, 2010


Anonymous said...

There is nothing hateful on that banner, only uncomfortable truths.

The hate consists of those that promote these things.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps not hate. Just ignorance. There are no special rights for Gays, Democrats are not murdering babies, and the writer clearly has no idea what socialism is. Just another Tea Bagger who said not a word when Bush ruined the country financially, but now that there's a Democrat as President, falls for the bullshit from the right.

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon. The tea partiers originated during the Bush II regime and were very much against these wars, which by the way, even with the control of two branches, the Dems are not ending.


Also, the Bush regime's evisceration of the Consitution and Bill of Rights with the gross misnomer Patriot Acts I & II were very much hated by the true conservative and constitutionists. And, by the way, the Dems have not done anything to repealed these horrific, police state Acts.


They did not approve of Bush's huge spending spree, which the Dems have succeeded in doing even worse with their spending spree.


Anonymous said...

Remember Anonymous, Congress taxes and spends, not the President.

The democrats have controlled Congress for nearly 4 years now.

They WANTED the anti freedom provisions of Bush's Patriot Acts.

They WANTED to spend billions of dollars in deficit spending.

It was all about growing government and limited freedom.


Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo........cry me a river. Put on your big girl pants and stop crying the govmnt can't help you with this!