Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Defacement, Wilkes County style.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we saw some like this a few years ago aimed at the Democrats' opposition.

'Not to mention some signs were stolen.

Anonymous said...

What would Jesus deface?

Anonymous said...

You mean when he wasn't using a whip to run the thieving moneychangers out of the temple?

I would say He put a few stripes on some of these banksters' hides.

You mean when He wasn't GENUINELY helping the sick and beating the hypocritical and arrogant Sanhedrin and Pharisees at their own games?

He could be righteously angry at times.

Anonymous said...

On a recent trip down the mountain I was upset to see very few FOXX signs but multitudes for Kennedy. Upon my return I asked why that was and found out it is against the law to put out signs along Hwy 421. A law Billy Kennedy is able to break with no remorse. Yet another example of Democrat double standards........UGH

Yetanother said...

There are no signs up along the Doc Watson highway. I made sure of that this morning on my trip back from the farmers market in W. Jeff. Maybe Foxx supporters are just lazy? idk

FanOfDan said...

I don't often agree with Mister Williamson but I join him in deploring the defacing of ANY political signs.

I drove up the mountain on 421 this afternoon and noticed probably a dozen GOSS signs, on both sides of the county line that were similarly defaced.

I am very thankful that we live in a society where all of us can post signs favorable to our positions and supporting our candidates.....even signs which oppose the party in power. Try that in North Korea!

I strongly resent it when someone decides that another citizen's viewpoint should not be allowed and either defaces or removes the sign.

It happens on both sides and I hope that whoever does it. Republican or Democrat, gets caught and PROSECUTED!