Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marie Antoinette in a Three-Piece Suit

David Hoyle, the former Democratic state senator from Gaston County whom many progressive Democrats loved to hate, became Gov. Perdue's Secretary of Revenue on Monday, the man in charge of collecting taxes.

He's also a man well known for his solicitous attitude toward the richest in the state.

According to an editorial in the Winston-Salem Journal, when jokingly asked "whether he would even collect any taxes from businesses and the rich," Hoyle jokingly responded, "God bless the rich; the poor can beg." The Journal editorial added, "He has made similar remarks before."

Marie Antoinette was also laughing out loud, reportedly, when she was told there was no bread for the masses: "Well let them eat cake." Sometimes a joke is an open window to inner character.

Worst appointment Bev Perdue has made.


Anonymous said...

JW, you should know better than to continue that vicious lie regarding Marie Antoinette.

She did not make that infamous remark.

One of your heroes, I believe, Jean Jacques Rousseau, admitted that he originated that ugly bit of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

So the Governor is a Republican in Drag after

jemphd said...

@ anonymous Rousseau attributed that remark to a "great princess", and the conjecture is it was said by Marie Therese 100 years earlier. No mention of whether she wore a three piece suit or not.