Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Coddle the Unemployed, Sez Foxx

At the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce "forum" for Congressional incumbent Virginia Foxx and her challenger Billy Kennedy, on a question about whether they support extending unemployment benefits, Foxx never directly answered the question and did not mention that she had in fact voted against the extension of unemployment benefits on more than one occasion.

Rather, she waded into an argument that's a favorite with conservative Republicans: "...there's some studies that have been done that shows that people stay on unemployment compensation and they don't look for a job until two or three weeks before they know the benefits are going to run out."

Those words were uttered by former disgraced House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, but Foxx repeated them almost word-for-word last night. She knows how to parrot those talking points!

In other words, and the implication couldn't be clearer ... the unemployed are lazy and unemployment benefits just make them lazier.

That's Virginia Foxx's version of the "social contract." That's as far as her heart will warm to people in distress: vote against any hope they can bridge the chasm opened beneath them, and then insult their inability to be as rich as she is.

Her other favorite line (from both Tuesday night's actual debate in Ashe County, and from last night's Boone discussion) is that tax money is "confiscated."

Gosh, and here I was, as a loyal American, thinking that my taxes were part of my "contract" with the rest of this society to do my part to keep the commonweal healthy.

Whatever social contract the rest of us may have bought into, Virginia Foxx ain't a co-signer.

For those of you with equally iron-clad hearts who buy into the meme of the "lazy unemployed," there's evidence of just how vile and wholly political such accusations are (hattip: JL).


brushfire said...

I think of my brother who is a good man; he worked hard and diligently every day of his life until he got laid off at age 60. Found a job at an airline, which went bust and has been out of work ever since. Now he is forced to retire early on reduced Social Security. And Foxx would cut even Social Security if she could.Her idea is that people who are not doing well in this economy should die off. She is a social Darwinist - (which is not the same thing as evolution).

Anonymous said...

Not only is the infamous Foxx a "do nothing congresswoman," the Winston-Salem Journal, she is a World's Worst Person. "You can tell when Congresswoman Foxx is about to say something that shames her state, it's when her lips are moving," Keith Olbermann.